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Conference Keynote Speakers (2021)

Susan Meier: Friday Dinner Keynote

A published author for more than thirty years, Susan Meier has written on everything from a manual typewriter to a personal computer. She’s learned social media, is dipping her toe into self-publishing, uses YouTube for research, and realizes that even as having talent gives you a chance to express yourself, your career shouldn’t be left to chance.

If you want to hear why you're lucky from someone who’s published over 70 books, worked with five publishers, and is about form her own publishing company to republish almost thirty reverted rights books… Susan can tell you. She’s just about done it all; if she hasn’t, her friends have.
And she might also tell you a few of publishing’s juicy little secrets—both indie and traditional.
Susan's Website

Eileen Enwright Hodgetts: Saturday Lunch Keynote

Eileen Enwright Hodgetts wrote her first “novel” at the age of 12-it was five pages long and a murder mystery. She was sure it would be the key to fame and fortune but no such luck. Now, many years later, she has come to realize that there is not just one key, but many keys, and they are all available to us if we just keep working at it.

In 1999, Eileen abandoned her search for success as a playwright and took on the more than full time task of running a 15 year mission to Uganda in East Africa. During those years of traveling back and forth, she was unable to write anything except budgets and reports.

When the mission was completed, she turned to writing novels and currently has thirteen novels in print, on audio, and in e-book format through her private imprint, Emerge Publishing. She has one nonfiction book, a study of African polygamy, published in conjunction with the Archbishop of Uganda. Her plays are still circulating in the theater community, with performances in the US and the UK.  Her stage play, Titanic to All Ships, is currently being filmed as a major motion picture (don’t even ask her about working with screenwriters). Her World War 2 Novel Air Raid was named in the top 100 books of 2019 by Kirkus Reviews.  

Eileen is a graduate of Ewell College in England, and she lives in Baden, Pennsylvania with her husband Graham. They have two UK born adult children, one adopted Ugandan child, four grandsons, one dog, one cat, and a great many goldfish. She came to Pennwriters by way of Mindful Writers and credits that Mindful Writer Tribe with keeping her on track and still writing.

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Website: Eileen Enwright Hodgetts  

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