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Susan Meier: Friday Dinner Keynote

A published author for more than thirty years, Susan Meier has written on everything from a manual typewriter to a personal computer. She’s learned social media, is dipping her toe into self-publishing, uses YouTube for research, and realizes that even as having talent gives you a chance to express yourself, your career shouldn’t be left to chance.

If you want to hear why you're lucky from someone who’s published over 70 books, worked with five publishers, and is about form her own publishing company to republish almost thirty reverted rights books… Susan can tell you. She’s just about done it all; if she hasn’t, her friends have.
And she might also tell you a few of publishing’s juicy little secrets—both indie and traditional.

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Keynote Dinner. Friday "Why You’re One of the Luckiest People in the World"
Read & Critique. Friday after dinner
Workshops: Taglines, Blurbs, and Covers and Keeping the Tension Alive in a Romance Novel.

Jon Sprunk: Saturday Lunch Keynote

JON SPRUNK is the author of Book of the Black Earth fantasy series (BLOOD AND IRON, STORM AND STEEL, BLADE AND BONE) and the Shadow Saga (SHADOW’S SONE, SHADOW’S LURE, SHADOW’S MASTER). SHADOW’S SON was a finalist for the Compton Crook Award and a nominee for the David Gemmell Award in two categories. Jon attended Lock Haven University where he received his BA in English. He set out after graduation to become a “serious writer.” When his first fantasy novel failed to find a publisher, he sought gainful employment in the real world. After a decade of numerous jobs and much soul-searching, he returned to writing and joined Pennwriters. In June 2009, he signed a multi book deal with Pyr Books, finally enjoying some long awaited success. Jon lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife and son. When not writing, he enjoys travel, collecting medieval and ancient weaponry, and pro football.

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Workshop: Pitching Practice
Keynote Lunch: Saturday


Nancy Springer: Published Penns Lunch Speaker

Nancy Springer is a lifelong professional fiction writer who has passed the fifty-book milestone, having written that many novels in genres including mythic fantasy, contemporary fiction, magical realism, and mystery.  She has collected starred reviews and other honors until it is no use mentioning them anymore, except maybe for those two Edgars from the Mystery Writers of America. Her latest release is GRAND GHOST women’s literature with a paranormal twist. But her most popular works, no contest, are a series of short novels about Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister. The first ENOLA HOLMES feature film is coming in 2020 from Legendary Productions.  Emmy-nominated young actress Millie Bobby Brown stars in the brilliant, devious, and daring role of Enola.

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Workshop: When to Break the Rules
Workshop: Muddle in the Middle
Read & Critique: Friday after dinner
Panel: Beyond Print with authors Jonathan Maberry and Cindy Callaghan
Published Penns Luncheon: Friday. “Getting There.” (Conference add on; not included in conference fee. Must have Published Pennwriter status from Pennwriters to attend. Please visit to apply.)