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Pennwriters, Inc.
P.O. Box 957
Somerset, PA 15501

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Some FAQs About Pennwriters

Who is Pennwriters?

Welcome! You're here because you're a writer, and more specifically, a writer who lives in Pennsylvania or somewhere close to the state's borders. You may not know this, but Pennwriters has been around for quite some time.
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How do I become a member?

We are a multi-genre writing organization who welcomes all writers. Pennwriters provides numerous opportunities to learn from and share with one another. We hope you will find support for your work, knowledge to advance your writing, and camaraderie among our hundreds of members. Please take some time to explore our website to see what we have to offer.
Why Join?

How do I become a Published Penn?

Many of our members have literary credentials, and you might too. Here's how to become a Pubblished Penn:
Published Penns Criteria

How do I submit an article or news release to the newsletter?

When you become a Pennwriter, you can elect to receive either a digital or physical copy of our newsletter. Contact the newsletter editor if you have a story idea or want to advertise an upcoming release.

Newsletter Editor

How do I register for an online class?

Almost every month, Pennwriters offers various online classes to help writers hone their skills. Check our club calendar to read about upcoming courses and register. If you have any questions, email our Online Course Administrator.
Online Coordinator

I have a question about my dues or other fees...

Any and all money questions should be directed to our Club Treasurer.


Where can I find out about club meetings in my area?

Pennwriters members are sorted into areas depending on where they live. (It's the additional information you select when you decide to join.) Check here for meetings near you:
Area Meetings

If you're already a member, why not check out some of the book signings by fellow Pennwriters happening around the state? Here's the Pennwriters Book Selling Events for June 2023.

Where can I find a critique partner?

Our Critique Partner Program is another benefit of becoming a Pennwriters member. Check out all the details Pennwriters Critique Partner Program



All other questions

For all other club questions, go to the Contact Us page, and briefly describe your issue.

Your ClubExpress account includes unlimited technical support. If you cannot resolve your issue with the resources above, feel free to contact the help desk:
  • email
  • phone:  1-866-HLP-CLUB (457-2582-outside the US, +1 847-255-0210)