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Get Ready for a Roadtrip This Fall!

Susan M Fobes | Published on 7/1/2023

Plans are underway for the Area 1 Writer's Roadtrip Mini-Conference on October 21. Find out more about these and other workshops, on the online registration for Writer's Road Trip #11 . More is also available on Area 1's information website

Some of the planned workshops and presenters are as follows:


Increasing Your Creativity
Writing Habit or Un-habit
Put on Your Pants (Tips for Successfully Pantsing Your Way to a Complete Novel)
Active Descriptions
Characters/Body Language
What to Put In
Story as a Shapeshifter
How to Properly Use Horses in Your Story
Does Your Fictional Prose Have Rhythm

Timons Esaias
Annette Dashofy
Mary Sutton
Susan Gable
Kathy Otten
Catherine McLean
Fritze Roberts
Janyce Brawn