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The West of Mars Writers Retreat

Susan M Fobes | Published on 8/28/2022

West of Mars Writer's Retreat

Hosted by Susan Helene Gottfried of West of Mars, LLC
The retreat will take over a house on Long Beach Island, New Jersey from October 15 through 22nd.
Cost:  $350 per person, not including food.  

The agenda is simple: Write. Revise. Explore the area. Walk on the beach. Cook. Eat. Drink. Laugh. There are no scheduled workshops but will be lots of discussion of writing craft and marketing. No ideas are wrong (well, except Susan’s; what editor is ever right?).  

Because one of our guests is a covid long-hauler, you MUST be up to date on covid vaccines. Bonus for flu. Please try to avoid catching anything in the lead-up to the week and if you don’t feel well, show respect for all of us and stay home. 

Some guests may have to share bedrooms but not beds unless you request it. No bunk beds are involved. Wearing nothing but pajamas all week is encouraged; changing to eat in a restaurant (covid levels permitting) is up to you. So bring yourself, your manuscript, the questions you’ve always wanted to ask an editor, and spend a week at the Jersey Shore with Susan, who’ll actually be East of Mars for the week. Is that allowed? We shall find out. 

Contact for more information

*If you already work with an editor, that’s fine. This is not a way to drum up clients. Rather, it’s a way to spend a week with a cool group of people doing writerly things, and who want easy access so they can ask the things they think are dumb. The chances are that I’ll laugh at them for thinking it’s dumb because the only truly dumb question is, “Mom, do I have to wear my seat belt?”