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2022 Pennwriters Conference "In Other Words" Contest

Susan M Fobes | Published on 5/22/2022

2022 In Other Words Contest Winners

Members could submit one-page entries to place on the wall of the hospitality suite at this year's conference. Attendees voted for their favorites, and here are this year's winners of the following categories:



1st Place:  Jeanne Moran

2nd Place:  Carol Fabian

3rd Place:  Jaynce Brawn


1st Place:  Dick Narvett

2nd Place: Adrienne Roeser Carrick

3rd Place: Amanda F. T. Bowen


1st Place:  Sandi Van Everdingen

2nd Place: Dick Narvett

3rd Place: Avonlea Blizzard

Congratulations to this year's winners and everyone who had the courage to put your words out there for all to see!