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2022 Pennwriters Annual Writing Contest

Susan M Fobes | Published on 1/2/2022

Submissions from January 1, 2022 until 11:30 PM January 31, 2022.

Pennwriters Annual Writing Contest Information and Rules

Writers will receive an evaluation of their work from professionals within the writing industry when they enter The Pennwriters’ Annual Writing Contest. You won't see the link or have access to the event on the calendar unless you log in to the website. The contest went live midnight, January 1.

Winners in each category will receive a certificate and the following: 

1st Place
Either a full registration fee voucher for the Pennwriters Annual Conference
(used within 2 yrs) 
or $50 cash. 
2nd Place
Half registration fee voucher for the Annual Conference
(used within 2 yrs) or $30 cash. 

3rd Place
A $15 voucher to be used for a free entry in next year's contest.

The contest starts on January 1, each year at 12:01 AM and ends January 31 at 11:30 pm. Entries must be uploaded on this website no later than 11:30 PM January 31, of the current year. The judging sheets for each category are available on this website. Please familiarize yourself with the judging criteria before you submit your entry. Download the criteria the judges use to rate each category, as well as a copy of all the rules and how to enter from the 
Document Library

Basic Contest Rules:

1. The Pennwriters Annual Writing Contest is open to any member of Pennwriters in good standing before the contest opens (or, as of December 31 of the previous year). 

2. You may enter each category (Novel Introduction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Short Story) as many times as you wish, but an entry fee of $15 must accompany EACH entry. The Poetry entry fee is THREE poems for $15.

3. Entries will be judged by writing industry professionals. Categories receiving less than five (5) entries will be canceled. Entries and entry fees in that category will be returned.

4. Each entry must not exceed 10 pages, no matter which category members enter. 
5. Files must be in .doc .docx or .rtf format and remove ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION. (*Please note: Some programs/computers add this automatically, so check before submitting, and remove it manually. Submissions containing an author's name will be disqualified.)

Name your file as follows: 

Example Entry Title:  MurderGoneAwry_NovelBeginning

Enter the contest now! Log in to get to see the contest link in events or on the calendar.
Feel free to email the Writing Contest Coordinator with any further questions