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"On the Wall" Contest

Susan M Fobes | Published on 6/4/2024

"On the Wall" Contest:  37th Annual Pennwriters Conference, May 2024
Here are the winners from this year's contest (and there were quite a few ties!)

Nonfiction  (Two way tie for 2nd place)

1 – Philip Neal for “Scooped”

2 – Tom Godfrey for “A Slice of Life”

2 – Joyce Nissley for “Profound Questions”

Fiction (Three way tie for 1st place)

1 – Kathleen Sakowicz for “Dandelions”

1 – Vincent Baverso for “The Sweet Life”

1 – Philip Neal for “Don’t Rip Me Off”

Poetry (Two way tie for 2nd place)

1 – Vincent Baverso for “Time Travel”

2 – Ned Balzar for “You Taught Me How to Wash My Hair”

2 – Jane Armstrong for “Between the Lines”

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for participating!