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Past Courses and Testimonials

September, 2020
The Way of All Flash: A Flash Fiction Primer
Instructor: Timons Esaiast

This workshop helped define several types of flash fiction and showcased how to structure each. More importantly, it taught writers how to define other types, and turn the definitions into action plans.

For more information on Suzanne Johnson (also writing as Susannah Sandlin), visit Suzanne's Website 

August, 2020
Quilting 101:  Patchworking the Perfect Plot
Instructor:  Suzanne Johnson/Susannah Sandlin 

This workshop had writers stitching together the perfect quilt of a plot to keep novels on track and moving in the right direction – while still giving your muse room to play.  Attendees learned a step-by-step technique to plot a novel from start to finish.

For more information on Suzanne Johnson (also writing as Susannah Sandlin), visit Suzanne's Website 

July, 2020
50 Shades of Publishing
Instructor:  Deanna R. Adams 

For more information on Deanna and her book, The Writer’s GPS: A Guide to Writing & Selling Your Book, visit Deanna's Website

This workshop helped writers understand the ins-and-outs of publishing, whether deciding to go with a small publisher, understanding the difference between indie and self-publishing, and mastering the the steps to publishing a book.

June, 2020
Creating A Cast of 3-Dimensional Characters
Instructor:  Annette Dashofy

For more information on Annette and her books, visit  Website
Or connect via email:
Annette Dashofy 
We all want to create a protagonist who stands out with our readers but too often our efforts at fleshing out characters stops there. What about your antagonist? Your protagonist’s sidekick or mentor? No matter how large your cast of characters, each one needs to live and breathe in the hearts of our readers.

April, 2020
Weaving History into the Historical Novel
Instructor:  Kathy Otten


Twitter @kathyotten


Kathy Otten is the author of several historical romance novels and short stories. Her works are set in the United States and cover periods in history from the Civil War through World War I. Her novel, A Place in Your Heart was a Northwest Houston RWA Lone Star winner and her novel Lost Hearts, a Utah/Salt Lake RWA Hearts of the West finalist. She also teaches fiction writing and does free-lance editing.

Read the numerous testimonials about PW Classes!

Pennwriters has a very high satisfaction rating for its online courses and workshops, with 95% of our students learning “new information” and 92% indicating great value for the price. Most of our students are repeat customers. Read what our customers have to say about our courses:

"Timons Esaias gives generously of his time, provides easy-to-hear feedback, and teaches practical lessons students can put to use immediately. He's inspiring, encouraging, and humorous. There's no risk signing up for a course with this superhero." 
Janet Wells

"I took the Pennwriters course Quilting 101: Patchworking the perfect plot, developed and taught by Suzanne Johnson. I highly recommend this course, whether you're just starting a novel or need to revise and tie together different parts of your novel. Suzanne has an excellent framework that helps you weave together plot and character development into a story. For both pantsers and outliners, it's a truly helpful course. I realized taking the course that I'm more of a pantser than I thought, but developing all the different threads in the course, step-by-step, really helped me understand my character motivations better and (I hope) prevent me from going off onto unhelpful story dead-ends. I now have a scene-by-scene outline. And if my characters decide to do something unexpected? No problem - I'll just revise the outline. Suzanne is a great instructor, always encouraging and providing helpful guidance.
Thanks!" ~
Cynthia Brown

"I found Kathy's course (April, 2020) to be very helpful and thought-provoking."
~Walter Stoffel

“I thoroughly enjoyed Nancy Martin’s Character-Driven Novel [Pennwriters course]. It was a tremendous value, especially for the price, and offered the strong foundation I needed in starting my new novel. I’ll definitely be back for more classes in the future!”

– Julie Long, Cheswick, PA
BABY: AN OWNER’S MANUAL (Broadway Books)
MAHARISHIVILLE: A novel with a new-age twist on the age-old question, Can you ever really go home again?,

“Catherine was very willing to share her time and knowledge with the class. Materials were well thought out and will be useful for repeated readings. Highly recommended.”

– John E Bailor, thriller writer

“This course will help you determine how best to market yourself and your books.”

– Mary Theresa Webb, Ph.D., author, speaker, global leader
Lancaster, PA
Writes non-fiction and historical fiction for middle grades

“Nate’s class was easy to follow…and brought a whole new world of marketing to me.”

– Norma Huss, mystery writer

“CJ was a great instructor and was a natural in the online course…excellent and timely feedback, integration of real world experience with the course material.”

– B Maguire
Harrisburg, PA

“This course has given me everything I need to begin shopping my manuscript. Hands down, one of the very best classes I have taken in the last three years.”

– JC Coy

“Crafting Your Fiction Query Package is an excellent course for writers looking to hone their Query and Pitch to editors or agents. It is an interactive, detail oriented class that not only gives your written Query focus but offers suggestions to make a face to face pitch a positive experience.”

-S.M. Kraftchak Herndon, VA (SF/F)

“CRAFT YOUR FICTION QUERY PACKAGE with CJ LYONS. This class was paced perfectly. CJ was knowledgeable, patient, and enthusiastic. She shared personal experiences, gave many examples to illustrate her teaching points, and gave advice where it was needed in a way that benefited everyone. I heartily recommend this class if it’s taught again.”

– Margaret Morris

“I have taken many online workshops, but this one was one of most helpful and professional courses I’ve taken. Top quality instruction combined with information that was well worth the cost made it a valuable investment to my writing career.”

– Annette Dashofy

“Great instructor and informative class!”

– SS
Washington, D.C.
Mystery Writer

“This class was extremely informative and helpful. I now feel well equipped to write a strong, marketable query package. It was also great fun.”

– customer from Minnesota

“This course was of exceptional quality — practical, specific, and useful in developing the skills a writer needs.”

– customer from Virginia

“Instructor is willing to work one-on-one…spent many hours addressing students and issues on the classroom board. Instructor is expert in her field.”

– Alaskan novelist

“She is a task master and forces the writer to learn her craft.”

– Judy Parker

"Catherine McLean is a writer whom I trust to explain the mechanics of writing and to show me how to make every word count. I always come away a better writer after having participated in one of her online classes."

– AK
Barnesville, PA

“Keen eye for editorial and grammar problems. I found the course eye-opening to the kind of errors I’d never heard about before this class. Thank you!”

– Joann Breslin, cozies writer
Bayonne, NJ

“The instructor was invaluable in her teaching. The class was excellent! Loved it!”

– Michele H., paranormal romance writer

“Excellent information in an easy to understand format. I intend to take all courses offered by Catherine McLean. She is an excellent instructor.”

Butler, PA

“The instructor. She was absolutely great with sharing her knowledge. Great course and great price. With this, unpublished authors can afford to learn. Good instructor, very responsive to online questions, good suggestions. Great teacher, ability to learn online at my leisure. I’ve signed up for another course, so this one did the job for me. Great price. This makes it feasible for those who don’t have lots of money.”

– Tina W., action romance

“This Pennwriter course was of great educational and monetary value for me. The instructor was very clear and provided examples on the rules of dialogue. She was very well informed and pointed to resources beyond the scope of the class. ”

– Pennsylvanian author
“Your methods work.”

– customer from Ontario, Canada

“This workshop was more of a boon to my small editing and formatting business. Glad I signed on. This workshop gave me lots of good info in a lasting manner.”

– customer from Pennsylvania

“I enjoyed your breadth of knowledge in this area and your willingness to reach out to anyone who desired it.”

– customer from Pennsylvania

“Many new concepts that I had never heard of and put a new perspective on how I will target my marketing for my novel when the time comes. Even though I am not ready to put the ideas into practice yet, and had little time to participate, the information will be invaluable and I will definitely be using it when I do get my novel published.”

– customer from Texas

“I learned some great points to try and focus my writing and better reveal my themes and subplots. Overall, I think the course was certainly worth the money. I’ll be watching the listing to take other courses in the future. I’m without a doubt sold on their value.”

– customer from Pennsylvania

“The course leader was very helpful and willing to give the participants the benefit of her experience. She kept track of all the various storylines and was able to ask questions and raise issues based on this information as the course progressed.”

– customer from Great Britain

“Quick response to questions. Lots of information which Inow can look through later. I do want to say thank you.”

– customer from New York

“The valuable, concise, and targeted feedback.”

– customer from Pennsylvania

“It helped me look at my writing with fresh eyes and showed what I was missing. I enjoyed my first Pennwriters class and will watch out for more.”

– customer from Australia

“The strength was the info and the interaction.”

– customer from Pennsylvania

“Good teacher; a real stickler for making sure the prose can shine.”

– customer from New Mexico

“Tremendous knowledge and insight into writing. Overall, I thought this was a great course. The price was so reasonable.”

– customer from Pennsylvania

“Penetrating feedback.”

– customer from California

“Dynamic instructor, focus on structural needs of a story.”

– customer from Pennsylvania

“Good information about maintaining interest in the middle, using secondary plots, and about how to end the novel.”

– customer from Washington

“This was a great course at a great price! I would be interested in taking more courses.”

– customer from Pennsylvania

“Made me think about some things I had in mind in a new light. Would recommend this class to any writer.”

– customer from Kentucky

“The material itself was incredibly helpful and just what I was looking to learn. An excellent instructor: informed and thoughtful in how she presented the information, and responsive to the class’s questions. I’ve taken other courses, writing and otherwise, and most ask for an evaluation at the end. This is the only one I can think of that I have given the HIGHEST marks to for all the questions. Compliments to all involved.”

– customer from Pennsylvania

“Analytical approach kept me on target. Gave me a great approach for figuring out how to reach my audience. Thank you!”

– customer from Texas

“I enjoyed the course–it was my first online one.”

– customer from Pennsylvania